Caprabo makes a logistical turn with a new warehouse in the ZAL Port

Source:El Periódico

Caprabo fa un gir logístic amb un nou magatzem a la ZALPort

The installation has involved a 20 million investment and will supply 300 establishments and online customers. The infrastructure can manage 100 tons of products per day, with 43 loading and unloading docks.

The 300 Caprabo supermarkets already receive fresh products from the chain's new logistics platform in the Zona Franca. With a view to the future, the Eroski group's distribution chain has brought its strategic warehouse closer to Barcelona, specifically to the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) of the port of Barcelona. With the Abrera distribution center, Caprabo already manages 50,000 square meters of logistics area, with more than 12,000 references. With that of the ZAL, Caprabo has the capacity to increase by 50% the number of fresh products that the company currently manages and plans to optimize the entire logistics network for these types of products, with a single daily shipment to each store and a reduction in global vehicle traffic of 3.5%. The infrastructure employs 300 people.

"For Caprabo it means making one of the most relevant transformation projects of the last 40 years a reality. It involves concentrating the operations of all the meat, charcuterie, fish, fruit and vegetables that Caprabo stores receive every day in a single space. ZAL's new facilities will allow us to gain efficiency and improve the service to our new generation stores ", explains Asier Bustinza, Caprabo's Director of Logistics.


Beyond the substance of the project, the opening of the modern warehouse facilitates the arrival of an investor to the chain, by clarifying the cash flows of the future. "Caprabo is not for sale," they say in Eroski, although the doors are open to an investment fund or financial partner willing to take a minority stake. In its last fiscal year, the supermarket chain's turnover reached 790 million euros, 13% less than in 2018, after closing 29 stores and concentrating on the Catalan market. In 2013, Caprabo had a turnover of almost 1,300 million euros, equivalent to what Eroski paid for Caprabo in 2007.

The platform built by Cilsa, a company owned by the Port of Barcelona and Merlin Properties, the manager of the ZAL Port, has involved an investment of more than 20 million euros, totals 24,600 square meters and is located in the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat. The new Caprabo facilities are on plot A.23.2., which is also managed by Cilsa and which has a surface area of 31,000 square meters. Of the 24,600 square meters that the Caprabo warehouse occupies, 17,200 meters are allocated to the platform for fresh produce, 3,400 meters to the company's new headquarters and another 4,000 are dedicated to the Capraboacasa online supermarket.


The new fresh distribution center is part of a transformation process in which Caprabo is immersed, which includes the logistical reorganization, with two platforms (one new and one reformulated, in Abrera); the renewal of the Caprabo store network -which concentrates its business in Catalonia- to a new generation model; the commitment to expansion through franchises with a versatile, urban store format, with extended hours and days of service much better adapted to the needs of the new consumer; the commitment to online sales with Capraboacasa and more dynamic deliveries, in parallel with the value-added services of traditional local shops.

About 6,000 people work at the company. It ensures that every day, more than 200,000 people shop at Caprabo supermarkets and more than a million customers have a loyalty card. Caprabo was a pioneer in the sale of food online through Capraboacasa and the first distribution company to launch a shopping app on the market, but the truth is that as the entire sector was aware in the past of its inability to satisfy the avalanche of requests 'on line'. The new platform should, progressively, be able to adapt to the growing demand for orders through the web in a profitable way and with acceptable delivery times.

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