BZ2, the strategic opportunity which makes the ZAL the only logistics reference for large developments


El BZ2, la oportunidad que hace de la ZAL el único referente logístico para grandes desarrollos
Caption from left to right: Jordi Cornet, Special Delegate of the State of the CZFB and Alfonso Martínez, CEO, CILSA - ZAL Port of Barcelona at the time of the signing. 

BZ2, the strategic opportunity which makes the ZAL the only logistics reference for large developments

The ZAL Port of Barcelona has finally signed the contract with the Consorci de la Zona Franca allowing you to lease the 11 hectares of the BZ2 for 75 years. A strategic opportunity that ZAL has not missed.

The plot of the old SEAT is located at the junction of calle 2 and calle A, adjacent to the Port of Barcelona. This excellent location is one of its best assets which, together with its size, will allow the ZAL Port of Barcelona to offer a turnkey 60,000 to 75,000 sqm logistics product. These conditions make the Logistic Activities Zone the only reference for large developments in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Alfonso Martínez points out that this contract allows "extending the life of the company more than its current concessions". In addition, the lease of the BZ2 for 50 years with the possibility of a 25 years extensión gives the ZAL Port of Barcelona the opportunity of "increasing logistical supply enabling you to respond to growth in the medium term of the Port of Barcelona, attracting sea flows at the same time".

A point of inflection and growth for the ZAL

The signing of the lease of this plot represents a point of inflection for the company which, thanks to their financial strength, makes it possible to initiate new construction of turnkey projects. The excellent management of the past 3 years has lead the ZAL Port of Barcelona to a high level of efficiency that allows it to consider new developments in the short term.

The ZAL Port of Barcelona is one of the key pieces of the five businesses of the Port. Its active role in the consolidation of the Port of Barcelona as a logistics pole of the first magnitude, makes it co-responsible for the wealth and jobs generated by this important economic engine.

CILSA, Management Company of the ZAL Port of Barcelona, has led its development, promotion and marketing since its foundation in 1992, has leased almost 100% of ZAL's 212 hectares. More than 130 companies use the ZAL and amongst them are the leading freight forwarders in the global market plus International, Spanish and Multinational logistics operators with global distribution needs.