The environmental management system of the ZAL Port gets the EMAS certificate and the ISO 14001


El sistema de gestión ambiental de la ZAL Port consigue el certificado EMAS y la ISO 14001

The ZAL Port, a logistic model in the Mediterranean, also stands out in the industry for its actions aimed at enhancing sustainability and caring for the environment. This year it has established itself as a leader in environmental best practices by getting the ISO 14001 certificate and adhering to the EMAS, the most credible and robust environmental management system in the European market.

The environmental management system minimizes the consumption of non-renewable energy, helps prevent the impact on the environment and promotes the use of the best available technology, always following the guidelines and requirements of both the ISO 14001 and those of EMAS

The most attractive ZAL Port for international leaders

The implementation of this environmental management system began in 2015 and the process has involved significant interventions such as the optimization of waste, the minimisation of environmental impact from the activities and facilities, investigation of incidents and the response to environmental emergencies. It has also worked to replace all the public lighting of the ZAL Port with a new LED lighting system thereby reducing substantially CO2 emissions.

The ZAL Port is now an efficient logistics platform that attracts and promotes loyalty of large-scale enterprises such as Carrefour who have contracted the construction of a second warehouse on the platform. A project in which CILSA will invest 12 million Euros and that, of course, will benefit from the ZAL Port environmental management system.