ZAL Port and Securitas, a transversal concept of security


ZAL Port and Securitas, a transversal concept of security

The Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logístic organized conferences on logistics security in virtual format where it tried to address logistics and industrial risks from different perspectives. "Let's talk about logistics & industrial risks" is the title of the conferences consisting of 4 sessions.

In the last of these sessions, "ZAL Port and Securitas, a transversal conception of security", Carlos Carrasco, Director of Security and Environment of the ZAL Port, spoke with Andrés Sancho, Manager of the Securitas Transportation Segment. Carlos Carrasco emphasized the combination of security personnel with new technologies to guarantee operational, industrial and personal security. Mass warning systems or access control systems are some of these technologies that, together with people, guarantee the safety of customers and users of the ZAL Port.

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