The ZAL Port increases heavy vehicles traffic during the alarm state


Since the entry into force of the alarm state on March 14th , the entrances and exits of heavy vehicles in the ZAL Port of Barcelona have increased significantly compared to the usual daily average.

According to the data collected and monitored by Cilsa - the managing entity of the ZAL Port- through the gauge sensors installed in the four accesses, this increase has been important reaching peaks on different days of more than 45% and 70%.

However, the highest peak occurred on April 14th, the day when the activity resumed after Easter and coincided with the end of total confinement. During this day, the entrances and exits of heavy vehicles were 85% higher than the average for a normal day.

In contrast, light vehicle traffic has decreased significantly as a consequence of confinement, reaching -70% during the total confinement and remaining around -40% during the partial period.

This information is an indicator of the ZAL Port’s full activity during the exceptional moments we are living and demonstrate once again its importance as an essential link for the supply chain. Since the start of the crisis caused by COVID-19, the ZAL Port has been 100% operational at the service of its clients and society, working and increasing its level of services to guarantee the supply.

ZAL Port increases heavy vehicle traffic during alarm state