CILSA (ZAL Port) build for Agility a logistics warehouse of 11.200 sqm, due to the forecast of growth of its maritime traffic


CILSA (ZAL Port) build for Agility a logistics warehouse of 11.200 m², due to the forecast of growth of its maritime traffic

 The Kuwaiti company Agility is currently one of the biggest providers of integrated logistics at international level after a process of acquisition of more than 40 logistics brands throughout the world, and the biggest logistics company in the Middle East. With more than 22,000 employees and operations in 100 countries, Agility Spain has signed with CILSA a new contract for the construction of a logistics warehouse that will meet to current needs in logistics infrastructure and the management of a new project of maritime importation through the port of Barcelona.

Agility offers supply chain solutions to meet the traditional and complex needs of its clients, offering services of air, maritime and land transport, storage, distribution and specialized services in projects logistics, chemical logistics, as well as logistics for fairs and events. Agility has been present in the ZAL Port since 1998 through the operator Geologistics, which subsequently - in 2007 - and after a process of integration went on to changes its brand name to the current name Agility Spain, S.A.

The expansion plan of CILSA for the next two years will enable it to build a total of 271,000 sqm of new logistics warehouses where this new infrastructure for Agility will fit and consists of an area of 10,200 sqm of warehouse space and 1,000 sqm of offices. The warehouse will be located in the ZAL Port (Prat) and is designed under the maximum parameters of sustainability and energy efficiency, maximizing the use of alternative energy, improving indoor environmental quality, the efficiency of water consumption, the sustainable development of the clearances of the parcel and the selection of materials, which will guarantee the achievement the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design of gold level LEED Certification.

The technical features of this infrastructure are the most appropriate for the activity of Agility, setting up three sectors of 11 m clearance height, 25 gates with docks and 2 ramps that allow access to vehicles, all in order to offer the best solution in its day to day operations involving its "foods & beverage", "retail" and "automotive" sectors.

Its current activity funnel more than 6,500 TEU's that enter or leave through the port of Barcelona, with an estimate of growth of 12% a year, fulfilling the strategic mission of the ZAL Port as an economic engine and generator of maritime traffic for the port of Barcelona.

Elias Garuz, C.E.O. of Agility has emphasized in this agreement, that "since our operations started in the ZAL Port in 1998 and after several extensions within the same, its strategic location, the level of services and, above all, the human quality throughout the entire organization, have facilitated and reinforced the decision to continue to expand our facilities in ZAL Port, thus maintaining close collaboration with CILSA, initiated more than 20 years ago”.

Alfonso Martínez, General Manager of CILSA has pointed out that "these type of partnerships are the result of the loyalty program we pursue with our clients accompanying them in their times of needs and providing them with efficient solutions that support them to undertake new large investment projects minimizing their operational risks. Maritime traffic and the activity that the client generates adapts to and justifies 100% the raison d ' être of the ZAL Port."