CILSA achieved the certified LEED® GOLD in sustainable development in the cold platform built for Carrefour in the Port ZAL (Prat)


CILSA achieves the LEED® GOLD certificate in sustainable development in the cold platform built for Carrefour in the ZAL Port (Prat)

 The cold logistic platform built for Carrefour in the ZAL Port has been awarded the 'LEED® Gold' seal (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) this January 2019, in the New Construction and Major Renovations category. This certificate evaluates sustainable buildings with more international projection.

The U.S. Green Building Council USGBC, is an independent body that brings together agents participating in the society and the non-profit construction that promotes excellence in sustainable design and construction practices.


What is LEED® certification?

The objective of this certification is to guarantee excellent environmental quality and global comfort, in addition to minimizing the consumption of thermal and electrical energy. The system used to certify, testifies that the building is designed and built using strategies that improve their behavior in different environmental vectors or areas of efficiency. Each one of these vectors contains prerequisites that must be fulfilled obligatorily and at the same time, a set of optional credits with points that they are necessary to obtain the final certification of the building.

The environmental vectors analyzed and evaluated by LEED® certification are the following: Integrated process, Location and transport, Sustainable location, Efficient use of water, Energy and atmosphere, Materials and resources, Interior environmental quality, Innovation and design process and Regional priority. In order to obtain points for each loan, the USGBC has established different lines of certification based on the uses and / or situations in which the building is located. (new construction, rehabilitation or use and exploitation).


Why is it interesting to certify a building 

The importance of certifying the buildings lies in the fact that the revision carried out by the LEED® is a validation by third parties of the performance of the construction. Certified new construction projects combine environmental, economic performance and their occupant-oriented advantage. This type of buildings are less expensive in terms of operation and maintenance as well as saving on water and energy.

The Carrefour cold logistics platform in the ZAL Port, operates in an 18,200 m² warehouse and operated by DHL since 2017, and is entirely dedicated to the operation of cold (frozen and refrigerated), which allows the rapid distribution to the more than 170 establishments of the chain in Catalonia and the province of Huesca, and has the latest advances in cold storage technology with the highest levels of quality and sustainable criteria, constructive quality and service standards.

Carrefour introduces the latest technologies in terms of eco-energy efficiency in its centers, as well as in the renovation of its cold and lighting installations, which allows it to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Marcos Vallés, Technical Director of CILSA points out about this recognition "From the planning of the logistics development of the ZAL Port, CILSA develops actions aimed at promoting sustainability and caring for the environment, being pioneers in good practices. This award satisfies us because it shows how we assume this commitment, making it public with the aim of sharing our model as an example for the improvement of practices in our society and professional environment "

CILSA achieves the LEED® GOLD certificate in sustainable development in the cold platform built for Carrefour in the ZAL Port (Prat)