CILSA builds a warehouse of 18,200 sqm for CARREFOUR’s cold segment in ZAL Port (Prat)


The warehouse of 18,200 sqm will be located in the ZAL Port (Prat) where Carrefour already has its regional warehouse of 45,000 sqm for its dry segment.

Carrefour has signed with CILSA a lease and construction contract for its cold facilities in the Logistics Activities Area (ZAL) of the Port of Barcelona.

The warehouse will be destined entirely for temperature controlled storage (frozen and refrigerated), allowing quick distribution to the group establishments, and will be equipped with state of the art cold storage technology.

CILSA will invest over 12 million euros and the building will start its activity during the first half of 2017.

The construction of this new warehouse for temperature controlled storage in the ZAL Port (Prat) represents a turning point in the evolution of CILSA, giving continuity to the pending development stopped in 2008, indicates the start of a new cycle of expansion and growth for the company.

CILSA builds a warehouse of 18,200 sqm for CARREFOUR’s cold segment in Port ZAL (Prat)

The choice of the ZAL Port (Prat) by a client of such scale as Carrefour, already installed in the ZAL Port since July 2009 with a warehouse of 45,000 sqm, reiterates the confidence of one of the leaders of the global distribution management in the CILSA team managing ability, as well as its location defining the ZAL Port as the most suitable for any type of distribution logistics.

In this sense, Alfonso Martinez, General Manager of CILSA stressed that: "The confidence shown by a client of Carrefour’s scale and relevance in managing its cold operational from the ZAL Port, is a new professional challenge that undoubtedly consolidates the ZAL Port as a logistics park referent in southern Europe, with 635,000 sqm built throughout the ZAL Port and the capacity of building 350,000 sqm additional".

On the other hand, Antonio Aguilar, director of logistic operations in Supply Chain Carrefour Spain, said that "the project we start with CILSA is a clear example of how technology and innovation adds value to the supply chain which ultimately it helps us to also improve the consumer shopping experience. On the other hand and from a construction point of view, this facility will have energy efficiency facilities which will mean a reduction of the impact on the environment derived from our logistic activity". Aguilar added "its mechanised system will allow us to improve productivity and offer better service to our customers."

The corresponding contract for the development of the executive project and construction work of this new warehouse has been to UTE Plot 35 ZAL Prat, a temporary group of companies formed by

Urcotex Real Estate, Isidre Archs and Agefred.


In Spain since 1973, Carrefour employs 46,000 employees and operates with 173 hypermarkets, 112 supermarkets “Carrefour Market” and 451 “Carrefour Express” supermarkets, 123 petrol stations and nearly 700 travel agencies.

Carrefour develops an unique channel, multi-format and multi-brand strategy to adapt itself to the needs of  today's consumer. Therefore the company has stores in city centres or neighbourhoods, environs establishments or ecommerce’s, to fit in any environment in which the customer is. The consumer can then make its purchases through all possible buying channels: hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, online commerce, from mobile or tablet.

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CILSA (Intermodal Centre of logistics, S.A.) is the company that manages the port concession in the area of logistics activities (ZAL) of the Port of Barcelona. CILSA is owned by the Port Authority of Barcelona with a 63%, by MERLIN Properties with 32% and by the public enterprise of land (SEPES) with 5%.

To this day, CILSA manages 212 hectares located in the municipalities of Barcelona (69 has), the Prat del Llobregat (143 has) more new 27 hectares located at the CZFB, and altogether has built directly in the ZAL 403.280 m² of logistics warehouses offering to lease including a 11.254 sqm office building known as Service Center. Also, CILSA has awarded with a space right those customers who have built about 232.000 sqm of warehouses, setting up a logistics park of 635,000 sqm, pioneer in Spain in this type of development.

The ZAL Port, with this new space leased to the CZF, has 565,000 square meters of net floor on which to build more than 350,000 m² of new logistics warehouses, allowing flexibility to customers responding to any logistic need, becoming a partner of business that accompany its growth in the medium and long term in an ideal location reaching almost 1.000.000 sqm of logistical infrastructure of first level when it is fully developed.

ZAL Port is located within the own Port of Barcelona (with two shortcuts to the same) and adjacent to the international el Prat Airport, with excellent connections to the metropolitan road infrastructure, as well as the main axes of long-haul. Its intermodal capacity and its different services of value added not only favour greater business efficiency of customers installed in their spaces, but they also give a higher quality of life to the people who work in them.

The new extension of the ZAL Port due the new floor under leases that will manage CILSA situated at the CZFB, is next to the Port of Barcelona on the street, Street 2 and Street 3 (and 1.5 km of distance of Can Tunis, main railway goods station) corners and very well connected with Barcelona rounds and motorways. It has public transport through an extensive network of buses, the new metro line L9 and the future L10 which will soon come into operation.

All this together with its dimension, supply logistics and flexibility, make it the logistics platform of reference for the sector.

Proof of this is that ZAL Port employs directly more than 6,000 people in the more than 130 installed, both nationally and internationally renowned companies like Decathlon, Carrefour, Bishop/Grupo DAMM, Indukern, Kühne Nagel, Naeko Logístics, Rhenus, Transnatur, World Duty Free Group, CMA-CGM, etc.

The social priority

The social priorities of the ZAL Port denote that it is oriented to the development of work, personal and family conciliation services. And the large number of installed companies endorse this commitment. A space for people, where more than 6,000 direct workers share their day to day, and offering services such as child care, which has resulted in one 23% less absenteeism. A success for businesses and for families.

CILSA works in various social projects and is patron and founder of the Cares Foundation, with the aim of supporting the labour insertion of people with disabilities and difficulties through the outsourcing of logistics and production processes.

Through Foundation Fair Logistics collaborates for a trade just so the business profit is distributed in a more equitable way between the third and first world and humanitarian aid. On the other hand, with the EMI Foundation - Manresa staff is entirely formed who occupies or may occupy jobs of specific responsibility in companies, both workers active as unemployed persons.

And through Fundació Banc dels Aliments, offering free space for the collecting and distribution of food to the most needy in our city during the famous campaing "Gran Recapte d'Aliments" at Christmas and throughout the year with the solidary help that the foundation receives the European Community.

CILSA, has led the development, promotion and marketing of this area since its foundation in 1992 and has been a pioneer in social and environmental action. It is a benchmark in good practices much before that they are regulating and voluntarily has implemented the ISO14001 environmental management system in order to engage in a growth-friendly and efficient.

The construction of this new warehouse for temperature controlled storage in the ZAL Port (Prat) The construction of this new warehouse of cold in the ZAL Port (Prat)