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CILSA, SOCIEDAD GESTORA DE LA ZAL DEL PORT DE BARCELONA, CIERRA ELDuring the year 2013, CILSA has registered an total of 38.9 million euros revenue, a 1.7% less than those obtained during 2012. On the other hand, net profit company has been 2.8million euros, representing an increase of 8% with respect to the registered in the previous year.

This has been possible thanks to an cost optimization, and a better performance of the financial revenues through active management of the Treasury and at lower rates of interest than in 2012.

During the 2013, CILSA has signed more than 80 contracts that have involved the renewal of 160,000 m² logistics existing customers about 360,000 m² constructed, showing in this way the confidence in the management of the company they deposit these, valuing above all, flexibility and orientation to the client and its ability to provide solutions that adapt to your needs at all times.

It has also signed 11,000 m² logistics of new customers or extensions of existing customers, which has led to the ZAL to maintain a average occupancy in 2013 of the 87% Despite the economic situation today, being the site of reference for the logistics sector. On the part of offices have been renovated 4,250 m² and he has been renting additional 1,200 m².

All this has led the company to generate 17.7 M EBITDA, € making investment of 1.9 million euros, maintaining the levels of previous years, which has allowed it to reduce net debt by EUR 11.3 million this year, leaving the financial gross debt at 119, 4 million euros at 31 December.

Following Corporate Social responsibility policies, emphasize the 9.150 m² which has been made available from the Fundació Banc dels Aliments free of charge, to the campaign of the great Recapte 2013