CMA CGM Iberica renews its confidence in the Zal Port reaching 1.555 sqm of surface in the Service Center and extending its contract for eight more years



CMA CGM is one of the major shipping companies at level global, leader in Europe with Head office in the building Service Centre.

CMA CGM the French container shipping company, has signed the renovation of the lease of its facilities in the Service Center building of the Logistics Activities Area of the Port of Barcelona (ZAL Port) for eight more years, from which the company acts as the Head Office of Spain, providing jobs for almost 200 people and with its own offices in Valencia, Seville, Madrid, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Gijon and Vigo.

It is the world’s third company in the transport of containers, operating 200 shipping routes between 4000 ports from 150 different countries. It is headquartered in Marseille (France).

Its installation in 2004 in the Service Center was an important milestone for CILSA, -company that manages the ZAL Port and the Service Center- as it invigorated the business building, built it in the year 2003, after the completion of the ZAL Port’s first phase.

Nowadays, and for this agreement, CMA CGM has expanded and occupies 1.555 m² of the offices area in the Service Center of the ZAL Port, a business and services center designed to fulfil the needs of the companies located In the platform.

During these years, CMA CGM has become established along CILSA, due the flexibility of the versatile design of these facilities, fully equipped with technological and business services, within a sustainable environment where energy efficiency is promoted, which aims to reduce the energy consumption in its facilities and equipment.

Within this plan of energy efficiency, CILSA has worked extensively on the building replacing installations of light and air conditioning by LED lighting and climate of efficient system; It has installed solar film on the glass of the building that filters light and heat and other corrective measures that have achieved more  than 40% energy savings, to finally give the letter A on the scale of energy certification.

Carmen Guillén, general manager of CMA CGM Ibérica S.A.U. says: "we are very pleased to renew our commitment to CILSA, highlighting the treatment of cooperation established between the two companies since the first moment in which CMA CGM decided to settle closer to its major customers in the area of logistics activities.

Also the enlargement of the facilities along with a plan of improvements in the short term plan, will enable better performance for our employees of CMA CGM IBERIAN at its Barcelona headquarters. The confidence and ease of adaptation that CILSA has always shown us have been decisive for that renewal."

Regarding Guillén words, Alfonso Martínez, CEO of CILSA highlighted: "the confidence shown by a client of the importance and relevance of CMA CGM for eight more years, strengthens the Service Center building of the ZAL Port as a logistic hub of reference taking into our port-logistics community to the shipping company most important in Europe and in the world".


Founded in 1978 by Jacques R. Saadé, CMA CGM is one of the major shipping companies worldwide, and leader in France.

Today, CMA CGM Marseille-based, sails over the seas of the world under the French flag. Present in every continent through its network of more than 600 offices in more than 160 countries, CMA CGM serves in 75% of the commercial ports in the world with its fleet of 536 ships.

Pioneer in emerging markets - from China since the early 1990s to Africa since the year 2000 - CMA CGM is one of the main protagonists of globalization.

Taking advantage of a fleet equipped with cutting edge technology, CMA CGM invests also complementary contributions in order to offer customers solutions door-to-door, covering the entire transportation: port logistics operations, inland waterway, railway and road transport.

Nowadays, CMA CGM employs more than 29,000 people worldwide, including nearly 4,700 in France. Of these, 2,400 are in Marseille, where it is the largest private employer of the city.

In Spain, every day, 182 people work in 8 offices of CMA CGM in the country with an extensive knowledge of the needs of their customers and offering a high quality of service. CMA CGM IBERIAN operates in 18 of the biggest ports in Spain thanks to an excellent feeder network and 30 direct services.

Its powerful Intermodal solutions offer a wide coverage in Spain, through 5 major hubs and door-to-door service. Its Customer Service plays a key role in the organization, focused on providing solutions to its clients, offering new opportunities and options tailored to fit their needs effectively. Its sales team is specialized in Reefer and provides a first-class service for goods to and from Spain.