EWALS CARGO CARE instals it new operations center in Spain, in ZAL Port of Barcelona - ZAL Port of Barcelona


EWALS CARGO CARE installed its new headquarters in Spain, at ZAL, Port of Barcelona [09/17/2013]With offices in 12 countries, Ewals Cargo Care has an extensive organization in Europe and other places in the world. It works with an experienced partner network that allows you to provide quality services both in Europe and globally.

EWALS CARGO CARE was founded in 1906 by Alfons Ewals, and since then the company is still owned by the family Ewals - in its fourth generation, continues growing and keeping as a reference in European logistics provider.

The pioneering philosophy of EWALS - awarded last years as a leader in environmental sustainability for the transport industry with its ongoing financial and technological investments by train, low emission trucks, maximizing payload trailers, minimization of miles vacuum and the use of its IT systems to plan the optimal route. It demonstrates the commitment of Ewals Cargo Care to reduce CO2 emissions.

Their ideology fits perfectly with ZAL, a pioneer in terms of respect for the environment, good practices and logistics uses. It is efficiency for its customers, with a commitment to continuous improvement.

At the beginning of 2013 Ewals joined the program Ewals Green Freight Europe. Besides it is part of the creation of the system of road transport operations, this means EWALS plays an active role in the future expansion of Green Freight Europe in reporting and monitoring of CO2 emissions from intermodal operation.

Since June 2011, Ewals Cargo Care has been certified with a "Dun & Bradstreet Rating 1”. The best mark, which involves minimal risk of failure. In April 2013 this certification was renewed showing that D & B – the global leader in business information-. It assigns the highest credit rating for this entity whose objective with this fact is to demonstrate transparency, reliability and security in the enterprise collaboration concept we all strive for a good partner.

Therefore, the implementation of EWALS in ZAL Port of Barcelona, reinforces the latter as logistical reference site for Southern Europe, making it the ideal place for the development of logistics activities.


For over 100 years, Ewals Cargo Care has been providing the answer to the requirements in logistics. With 1,600 employees in 12 countries, 3,000 trailers and 400 trucks have been over 5,000 daily transports between inside and outside Europe. Half of these were loaded using its intermodal fleet Mega Huckepack.

Currently, Ewals Cargo Care is managed by the fourth generation family with an annual turnover of over 500 million euros. The headquarters are in Tegelen, Netherlands.



CILSA (Centro Intermodal de Logística, SA)  -owned 51% by Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona, 44% by Consorcio de Parques Logísticos (CPL) and 5% by Entidad Pública Empresaria de Suelo (SEPES)- rents warehouses to companies that meet the condition of having maritime traffic, because of it was born of the desire to give added value logistics services to the Port of Barcelona. ZAL was the first port logistics platform established in Spain in 1992, and its development has become a role model in many other port settings, giving the generic name for this type of facility.

ZAL is located in the Port of Barcelona and next to the Prat International Airport, with excellent connections to the metropolitan road infrastructure, and the main axes. These characteristics and its size, logistics and supply flexibility, logistics become the industry reference platform. Its intermodal capacity and its various added value services not only encourage greater business efficiency of customers installed on their spaces, but also provide greater quality of life to people who work in them.

The supply of CILSA is aimed at three main areas: business and logistics activity, people who work in these and transportation and mobility. For these specific packages ranging from advanced services in information technologies (ICT) platform with a fully wired with fiber optics and telecommunications masts, control access services and security system maintenance and public transportation options are created Fitness training, nursery, PIF or full container depot. 


In the picture: Mr. Alfonso Martínez, General Manager of ZAL, Port of Barcelona and Frank Valk, Country Manager Spain Ewals Cargo Care.


More information:

Sara Martínez, Commercial Manager ZAL, Port of Barcelona | E-mail: sara.martinez@zal.esPhone: +34 93 552 58 46