Globelink Uniexco renews its confidence in ZAL Port


Globelink Uniexco

From its origins as an international shipping company in 1966, Globelink Uniexco has evolved in different stages, reaching maturity as a consolidator or neutral freight wholesale NVOCC. Totally dedicated to this task, the company offers their customers outings marine export destinations to more than 70 direct and 700 indirect destinations from the ports of Barcelona and Valencia, as well as import services from established major ports in Asia,  Indian subcontinent, Mediterranean and the Americas to Barcelona and Valencia.

The signing of the new lease agreement between Globelink Uniexco and CILSA (the company that manages the ZAL Port) for 10 years, confirms trust that the company has with ZAL Port, with the presence of Joaquim Pueyo, President of the 50 years of life company's ; Silvia Pueyo, CEO and Alfonso Martinez, General Manager of CILSA.

Globelink Uniexco will benefit from this 10 years agreement in the ZAL Port, where CILSA renew the image of its facilities in accordance with the current needs of the company.

Globelink Uniexco chose 2004 as ZAL Port perfect location to locate its headquarters in Spain, at a time that was celebrating the launch of the first expansion of the logistics platform ZAL Port (El Prat). Globelink Uniexco with the condition of being pioneers, took the decision to locate the most important logistics scenario for Spain, relying on what location you can provide: a cluster of companies with synergies and economies scale offers ZAL Port and then decided to imitate other companies.

Joaquim Pueyo points out in this act: "After four decades developing our business in the centre of Barcelona, we decided 13 years ago, a new phase and position ourselves in a logistics centre operation that has been applied in many neighbouring countries. Our commitment, which we are very satisfied, was moved our headquarters to ZAL Port, which has allowed us and allows us to offer a quality service to our customers. For the confidence and good understanding with CILSA we have reached an agreement to extend our stay in ZAL Port for the next 10 years. "

In this regard, Alfonso Martinez, said: "The confidence shown by a client with the  relevance of Globelink Uniexco for ten years, consolidates and reinforces the importance of ZAL Port as a logistics hub of reference for consolidators and freight.