MOLENBERGNATIE installes at ZAL Port of Barcelona


Matthias De Smedt, country manager España de Molenbergnatie (Izquierda) y Alfonso Martínez, director general de CILSA (derecha), durante la firma del acuerdo.

Foto: Matthias De Smedt, country manager of Molenbergnatie España (Left) and Alfonso Martinez, general director of CILSA (right) during the signing of the agreement.

Note Press- Barcelona, January 19, 2015.

The Molenbergnatie Belgian founded in 1867 and with European headquarters in Antwerp, has branch offices in Barcelona and in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, and has become one of the world leaders in management of supply chain for coffee, cocoa and dried fruit.

Molenbergnatie offers a variety of services including shipping, processing, Declaration of customs, warehousing and distribution, as well as a complete package of logistics services managed by a professionally made and fully equipped staff.

Collaborate with Molenbergnatie means opting for a transparent, dynamic and profitable cooperation with a partner that is willing to satisfy your customer more specific aspirations and needs and is aware of the need for continuous innovation, always opting for effective and sustainable solutions.

Molenbergnatie provides the necessary equipment for storing foodstuffs and goods of all kinds in the short and long term, in any type of packaging using the multimodality.

In their warehouses, trucks are loaded and unloaded, and containers are filled and emptied using the most modern techniques, with the guarantee of an elaboration of reports and custom administrative follow-up.

They offer services or projects tailored to the client, in relation to their different possibilities of storage and terminal market facilities, as well as additional services as the repackaging, the repalletizing, labelling, packing plastic, etc.

The advantages offered to clients include:

  1. different installations of storage in Spain, allowing great flexibility;
  2. In total, 400,000 square meters of warehouses of high quality;
  3. surroundings that have obtained certifications LIFFE / NYBOT;
  4. 8,800 spaces for pallets, including additional services of manipulation such as palletization, packaging, selection of orders, etc.;
  5. a capacity in bulk (coffee) of 5,500 metric tons, as well as additional services of manipulation, such as sorting by color, homogenization, the quality control, etc.

The building that the company leases to CILSA includes an area of 3,700 m2 and is highly equipped for coffee storage. This infrastructure has 9 loading bays, a ramp that allows the entry of the truck and a height of free 11 meters, besides being equipped with the most advanced security methods. Its warehouse in ZAL is located in the second phase of the logistics development in the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat.

Alfonso Martínez, general director of CILSA notes: "the flexibility in the term and surface, and the possibility of growing in ZAL has been essential to Molenbergnatie. Our location is the added value that requires Molenbergnatie by working with goods of origin 100% maritime, possibilities of greater agility with customs and proximity to the Container Terminal, key factors for companies that operate with this type of commodities."