NIPPON EXPRESS ESPAÑA wides its surface of warehouse - ZAL Port of Barcelona


NIPPON EXPRESS ESPAÑA amplia superficie de almacén en la ZAL Port de Barcelona Press release: Mr. Kuniaki Matsushima, President of Nippon Express in Spain, S.A. and Alfonso Martínez, Director-General of ZAL, have signed an agreement to enlarge the surface of warehouses, which reaches the 6,200 m².

The building has an area of approximately 6.100 m² of warehouse and 900 m2 of offices. 14 loading docks, has two doors that allow the truck with ramp and a height of 11 meters free ship. Its store in the ZAL is located in the second phase of the logistics development in the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat.

In 1988, was Nippon Express in Spain, S.A. with registered office in Madrid, where the subsidiary twentieth number first in the group. At the same time was the delegation of Barcelona, opening headquarters in ZAL of the Port of Barcelona in 1993. Nippon Express was one of the first customers who believed and relied upon the project of ZAL and, in more than 20 years, CILSA (the company that manages the ZAL of the Port of Barcelona) and the Japanese company, have had the opportunity to establish a relationship of partner logistics infrastructure, where one of the keys to its success has been the flexibility in surface and time.

Alfonso Martínez, Director General of CILSA says: "This new extension confirms the confidence of the large international logistics operators such as Nippon Express in ZAL of the Port of Barcelona as the location reference for logistics in southern Europe", and this was made possible "thanks to the flexibility that CILSA has been showing these last two years, helping clients in the processes of efficiency that have been forced to because of the economic crisis, accompanying them in the optimization of your logistic infrastructure and laying the groundwork on which to articulate a new phase of growth".

More than one century of history, has been the Japanese company, Nippon Express, playing a vital role in economic development, improving the quality of life of the people and as leader of the Japanese transportation industry. Nippon Express created its own worldwide network in 1958 and opened the first representative office in New York, to deal with the increase in demand in the international transport of Japanese companies. Since then Nippon Express is extended by 481 locations in 229 cities in 40 countries with 18.871 employees.

Throughout this period, there have been several offices that Nippon Express has opened in Spain giving national coverage to all the transportation market. It currently has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

In the year 2000 was created Nippon Express Portugal capital of Nippon Express of Spain, becoming a subsidiary, with offices in Lisbon and Oporto. He is currently one company of the group belonging to the same European division. Nippon Express of Spain is formed by highly qualified staff accustomed to handling the goods of its clients with the maximum guarantees of security and compliance optimal quality standards, as well as the accomplishment of all the necessary customs formalities.

Since its inception, the Nippon Express Group has used its strength in the field of logistics to link people, businesses and regions around the world. In this sense, they have been able to contribute in a manner consistent to the development of society and to offer the latest and most innovative solutions in the logistics business, while maintaining respect for the environment and a firm commitment to safety.

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