Noatum Logistics strengthens its presence in the ZAL Port



Caption: (from left to right: Alfonso Martínez, CEO of CILSA - ZAL Port and Tony Tintoré, CEO of UGL).

Noatum Logistics has chosen the ZAL Port (Prat) for the installation of a new logistics warehouse of 4.850 sqm. Universal Global Logistics (UGL), belonging to Noatum Logistics, and CILSA (company that manages the ZAL Port) have signed a lease agreement for 4 years, which it confirms the trust that the company puts in the ZAL Port, with the presence of Tony Tintoré, CEO of UGL and Alfonso Martínez, CEO of CILSA.

UGL chose in 2005 the ZAL Port as the ideal location for its headquarters in Barcelona, where, thanks to the CILSA’s flexibility has enabled it to keep up the trends and needs of its business until reaching a new growth point with a logistics warehouse of high quality of  4.850 m².

The UGL’s commitment to relocate its central offices to the ZAL Port, has promoted a quality service to the clients during all these years.

The new warehouse, Noatum Logistics’ brand, will be equipped with the certifications, such as ADT (Almacén Depósito Temporal, in Engish: Warehouse Temporary Deposit), DAP (Depósito Aduanero Único, in English: Unique Customs Deposit), DDA (Depóstio Distinto Aduanero, in English: Different Customs Deposit), offering logistics services of storage and distribution for the entire logistics chain.

Noatum Logistics, with a clear corporate policy of diversification and expansion, has become one of the main groups of the logistic sector at the international level, being part of the seal of the quality of Port of Barcelona, Efiiciency Network.

Alfonso Martínez, CEO of CILSA has highlighted: “The trust shown by a client of the relevance of UGL during four years in the ZAL Port (Prat), consolidates our location as a logistic neuralgic centre of reference, taking position in one of the best locations of the prime zone of Barcelona which nowadays is in a maximum level of occupation”.

In this sense, Tony Tintoré, CEO of UGL, underlined: “This warehouse is our Group’s answer to our clients demand. Thanks to this new installation, this will be available for the UGL’s clients and for the rest of the companies of Noatum Logistics as well. We will be able to offer the totality of services of the logistics chain to the highest level of quality in the market.

About Universal Global Logistics

Universal Global Logistics is a company that belongs to Noatum Logistics, with presence in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey and Chile.

The company has 10 offices in Spain, 3 offices in Portugal, 3 in Morocco and 8 in Algeria, as well as an extensive network of agents around the world.


In order to provide quality services to international trade, Universal Global Logistics maintains a policy of updating structures and means of adequate which ensures a wide range of specific and customized solutions for the supply chain in each of the industry sectors of its customers


Currently, it is recognized for the excellence of its service and its specialized personnel, who have made a Universal Global Logistics a reference of the sector covering all the needs of its clients in different areas of transport and logistics.