The project of the new platform of fresh product of Caprabo starts


The project of the new platform of fresh product of Caprabo starts

✓ Cilsa is building the new facilities for Caprabo with an investment of more than € 20Mill.
✓ It will house the new headquarters of Caprabo.
✓ The new platform will manage Capraboacasa.
✓ It earns efficiency and customer service.
✓ It is part of the comprehensive competitiveness plan deployed by Caprabo, which also includes the transformation of its store network.

The project of the construction of a new platform of fresh product for Caprabo has started this week with earthworks. Caprabo and CILSA, a company owned by the Port de Barcelona and MERLIN Properties, manager of the ZAL Port, signed an agreement at the end of last year for the construction of the new Caprabo distribution platform in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). With an area of 24,600m2 and an estimated investment of € 20Mill, the project will be in full operation in the year 2020. The General Director of CILSA, Alfonso Martínez, and the Director of Logistics of Caprabo, Asier Bustinza, have made a visit this morning to the area, where construction work is scheduled to begin after summer.

The new platform of Caprabo will house the entire fresh product that the company distributes every day to its 320 supermarkets. It will also manage the online sales business of Capraboacasa and will become the new headquarters of the company.

The industrial unit will be equipped with the most modern technology for the cold logistics activity, and its construction will be governed by the strictest sustainability criteria, allowing CILSA to obtain the LEED Gold certification.

A new versatile industrial unit
It is located in plot A.23.2., managed by CILSA, of 31,000m² of surface. A cold industrial unit of almost 24,600m² of warehouse will be built that includes 3,400m² of office distributed in two floors. The positive cold zone represents an approximate area of more than 13,600m2 and there will be negative cold rooms of 245m2 of surface.

It will also have a space of almost 4.000m2 dedicated to e-commerce that considerably increases the versatility of the platform. The free height under the main beam of the installation follows the standard of the ZAL Port with 11 meters free in the storage area. The envelope of the building will be made by insulated prefabricated sandwich panel. The plot is endowed with 130 private parking spaces and a specific area of truck washing. As equipment, 43 loading docks are included. The installation of cold will be carried out using glycol water, with a hot defrosting system, due to its high energy efficiency, as well as an integrated building management system for efficient control.

Caprabo's comprehensive competitiveness plan
With this project, Caprabo advances in its comprehensive competitiveness plan, which has two plans in full development. On the one hand, the transformation of its stores to a new generation of supermarkets, better prepared to face the new demands of the consumer. And, on the other, the logistics reorganization, which means optimizing operations, improving cost efficiency and providing better service to stores. In both plans, Caprabo puts special focus on the treatment of fresh product and environmental sustainability.

Transformation of the Caprabo logistics network
Caprabo already has a distribution platform in Abrera. This platform, of 22,000m2, will manage when in full performance up to 6,000 references. For this, this distribution center has undergone a process of adaptation. The low turnover references sold by Caprabo supermarkets will be served from the Grupo Eroski's distribution center in Ciempozuelos.

As a whole, Caprabo manages more than 10,000 references and the new logistics structure of the company will allow it to progressively expand the number of products that are sent to Caprabo stores. In this way, it responds to the variety of assortment that contemplates the development and growth plan of the new generation stores. The logistical transformation means an improvement in efficiency of approximately 10%.

Better service to the new generation supermarket
The design of the new logistics structure of Caprabo is aimed at providing an optimal service to the stores. The centralization of the fresh in a single platform allows to treat the product in customized way according to its conservation needs. Additionally, it orders the deliveries based on the distribution of the store, so that the efficiency at the point of sale prevails, it improves the replenishment and it is more efficient.

The unification of the service cycles will allow the elimination of the stock of the super fresh product, improving the freshness and the useful life of the product. Achieving in this way that the customer has a product of more quality and longer duration.

The new Caprabo platform in El Prat de Llobregat will manage the Capraboacasa service for the metropolitan area of Barcelona. This will allow an important qualitative leap to be made. Having better facilities guarantees processes and optimizes costs. In addition, it guarantees the management of express deliveries in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, where the volume of online business is concentrated.

Environmentally positive
The construction by CILSA of the new Caprabo platform is designed under environmental quality standards included in the LEED Gold Certification. It introduces energy efficiency measures such as advanced cold and lighting systems, respectful of the environment. The new platform will have a return on organic waste.