The ZAL Port de Barcelona cooperates with the Foundation real dreams to manage the solidarity campaign for children: “Mission: donate school supplies, everyone can be a superhero”


The ZAL Port de Barcelona cooperates with the Foundation real dreams to manage the solidarity campaign for children: “Mission: donate school supplies, everyone can be a superhero”

The large amount of expenses associated with school like is difficulty for many Catalan families. About 750.000 children in Spain will begin the school year with an empty backpack and without the same educational opportunities as their classmates.

In order to confront this reality, the Foundation real dreams and La Nau are organizing an annual collection campaign under the project. The beneficiary of this campaign is 1.500 people from 5 non-governmental organizations: Foundation Salut Alta, The Roda foundationReir and Foundation Comtal.

Due to its corporate social responsibility, ethics and sensitivity of aid for children, the ZAL Port de Barcelona is joining the campaign “Mission: donate school supplies, everyone can be a superhero” and installing a collection point on the commercial floor of the Service Center building from 1 to 10th September of 2015.

By joining to this social action, the ZAL Port de Barcelona aims to motivate the workers of this logistic platform to be solidary and buy scholar supplies to donate: Backpacks, boxes, notebooks, pens, compasses, cardboards, wax, clay, normal and scientific calculators pens...

“In the ZAL we understand that this kind of collaborations are part of our purpose, we intend to be sensitive to the child and contribute within our possibilities in social projects as the Foundation real dreams promotes” explains Alfonso Martínez, CEO of the ZAL Port de Barcelona.

The campaign "Donate scholar supplies" is part of the project, a digital platform that aims to facilitate the direct donation of the companies’ surplus to the NGO’s. The website is being published in September 2015. This action will be integrated into the ZAL’s strategy directed to people and social commitment.

A management model which prioritizes services and involvement with the social problems of its surroundings. CILSA works in different social projects being patron and founding partner of the Foundation Cares, with the aim of supporting the labor insertion of people with disabilities and difficulties through the outsourcing of logistics and production processes.

Through the Foundation Fair Logistics collaborates for a fair trade so the business profit is distributed in a more equitable way between the third and first world and humanitarian aid.

With the Foundation EMI - Manresa, staff is entirely formed. People who occupies or is able to occupy jobs of specific responsibility in companies, both workers active as unemployed persons.

The ZAL Port de Barcelona also offers free space for the gather and distribution of groceries that the Foundation Banc dels Aliments is collection during its famous campaign “Gran Recapte d’Aliments”. The Foundation organizes this campaign on Christmas for the most needy in our city and during the whole year thanks to the solidarity aid of the European Community.

Family is a subject of interest to highlight in the ZAL and from CILSA. Services that favor conciliation work, personal and family are prioritized and its more than 130 installed companies endorse this commitment. A space where more than 6,000 direct workers share their day to day, and where services such as kindergarten have reduced absenteeism 23%. A success for businesses and families.

Renewable energy and the principle of precaution have been ZAL’s great sustainability argument. Always from an ethical and socially responsible management system.

With this social commitment, ZAL Port de Barcelona shows an attitude that makes the difference.

About Foundation real dreams

Foundation real dreams works to provide resources of time, product and money to NGOs, and develops the social action of the companies within the framework of its Corporate Social responsibility. For that, is using new technological tools like an online solution for crowd funding.

The Asociació Cívica La Nau fights against poverty and social exclusion supporting people and families with economic, employment or social difficulties of our society. The main solidarity activity is the non-food bank products

Foundation Salut Alta promotes educational and preventive activities during children’s leisure time through an open center. It has about 90 beneficiaries in primary and 40 in high school.

The Roda Foundation coordinates more than 100 children's, youth and cultural entities in all Catalonia, each one with about 40 beneficiaries. They work in forty municipality and seventy neighborhoods with social, cultural and economic gaps.

Foundation Comtal hosts, accompanies and gives support to children and adolescents at risk through information, guidance and training, also their families, so that they can access professional market and achieve social integration. It has 200 beneficiaries.

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