The ZAL Port joins the United Nations Global Compact


La ZAL Port se adhiere al Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas

 Caption: Pere Tohà, Director of Resources CILSA - ZAL Port

The objective of this initiative is to promote sustainable development through the implementation of principles within a practical framework in the areas of Human Rights and Business, Labor Standards, Environment and the Fight against Corruption in the activities and business strategies of the companies. It is the largest initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility at an international level with a wide range of resources and management tools to help the implementation of business models and sustainable development.

In 25 years CILSA has worked to ensure that the ZAL Port has an ethical and socially responsible management system, adopting levels of environmental requirements above the legal minimums and having its social and environmental programs voluntarily assumed by the organization. As a result of these good practices and the planned achievement of different strategic milestones within its Social Action and Environmental and Energy Policy, they have consolidated different certifications: ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 50001 to finally join to the United Nations Global Compact.

The new global goals are the result of a process with the participation of governments, companies and citizens.

Pere Tohà, Director of Resources of CILSA underlines after the union: “Reaching these goals will be an effort for all sectors of society and companies have to play a relevant role. You cannot achieve business success without a sustainable environment. At CILSA, we feel we have this responsibility as a reference in our sector, not only in logistics infrastructures, but in all its surroundings. We carry it in our DNA since we began our journey and it is our obligation, out of respect for society, to be a role model”.