The ZAL Port of Barcelona gets the ISO 14001 certificate


Image of part of the team of CILSA who managed the achievement of certification. (from left to right) Javier Díaz, Explotation and Infrastructures Manager; Anabel Criado, Technical Department; Carlos Carrasco, Security and Environment Manager; and Mónica Gómez, Organization and General Services Department.

CILSA organization which manages the ZAL of the Port of Barcelona, received on 14th January 2016 the certificate of management system environmental ISO 14001:2004 granted by Bureau Veritas Certification, thanks to the compliance with the highest environmental standards in the management of the area of logistics activities of the Port of Barcelona, for the maintenance and upkeep of common areas.

The axis of the project to get the certification is based on the design of the environmental policy of the ZAL of the Port of Barcelona, collecting the commitments and objectives of the company, which until this moment had voluntarily since the beginning of this logistics development, promoting best practices and ethical management, and keeping as reference thanks to be pioneers in this respect.

The certificate certifies that the ZAL of the Port of Barcelona, in compliance with the requirements established by the standard ISO 14001 and that it has implemented an environmental management system that helps to prevent environmental impacts, minimize the consumption of non-renewable energy and promote the use of best available technologies.

Highlights of this system of environmental improvement, - among others - aspects as relevant as the optimization of waste, minimization of impacts of activities and facilities, investigation of environmental incidents that occur, or environmental emergency response and the latest measures as it is the replacement of street lighting of ZAL by lighting LED, that allows energy substantial savings by making efficient use of energy In addition to that greatly attenuates CO₂ emissions.

Alfonso Martínez, CEO of CILSA, pointed out that "the certification according to the standard ISO 14001 allows the ZAL to position itself as a referent in environmental management and sustainability among the different logistic platforms in Spain.  The process of implantation of the environmental management system has been developed by our own staff, including training and awareness-raising of workers fostered the culture of respect and commitment to the environment, no doubt essential for the success of the project.

With this environmental certification closes a process initiated on 2015 and serves as base for CILSA to incorporate it into its policy of environmental management in the fields of its competence.


CILSA (Intermodal Centre of logistics, S.A.) is the company that manages the port concession in the area of logistics activities (ZAL) of the Port of Barcelona. CILSA is owned by the Port Authority of Barcelona with a 63%, by Merlin Properties with 32% and 5% by the public enterprise of land, “Entidad Pública Empresarial de Suelo” (SEPES).

To this day, CILSA manages 212 hectares located in the municipalities of Barcelona (69 has), the Prat del Llobregat (143 has) plus 11 new hectares located in the BZ2 from CZFB plot, and has built directly in the ZAL totalling 403.300 m² of logistics warehouses offering to lease as well as an office building of 11.254 m² known as Service Center. Also, CILSA has offered a land right to customers who have built about 232.000 m2 of warehouses, setting up a logistics park of 625.534 m², pioneer in Spain in this type of developments.

The ZAL, with its new territory, still has 368.700 square meters of land on which to build more than 250,000 m² of new logistics warehouses. That allows the ZAL to offer more flexibility to its customers, responding to any logistic need and becoming a partner of business that accompany its growth in the medium and long term in an ideal location reaching more than 800,000 square meters of world-class logistics infrastructure when it is fully developed.

The ZAL PORT is located within the Port of Barcelona (with two shortcuts to the Port) and adjacent to the international Prat Airport, with excellent connections to the metropolitan road infrastructure, as well as the main axes of long-haul. Its intermodal capacity and its different services of value added not only favour greater business efficiency of customers installed in their spaces, but they also give a higher quality of life to the people who work in them.

The new ZAL situated on the plot from CZFB BZ2, - ZAL PORT (City) - is located at 0.6 km from the entrance of the Port of Barcelona, 1.5 km away from Can Tunis - main station railway - and very well connected with the main motorways like the “rondas” and “circunvalación” in Barcelona and access to highways. It has public transport through an extensive network of buses and a metro station of line L9 that joins the international airport of Barcelona - The Prat Airport Barcelona. All this together with its dimension, supply logistics and flexibility, make it the logistics platform a reference for the sector.

Proof of this is that the ZAL employs directly more than 6,000 people in the more than 130 installed renowned companies, both nationally and internationally like Decathlon, Carrefour, Bishop/Grupo DAMM, Indukern, Küehne Nagel, Naeko Logístics, Rhenus, Transnatur, World Duty Free Group, CMA-CGM, etc.

Social priorities and services of the ZAL denote that it is oriented to the development of work, personal and family conciliation services. And the large number of installed companies endorse this commitment. A space for people, where more than 6,000 direct workers share their day to day, and offer services such as kindergarten, for example, has meant one 23% less absenteeism. A success for businesses and for families.

CILSA works in different social projects being patron and founding partner of the Cares Foundation, with the aim of supporting the labour insertion of people with disabilities and difficulties through the outsourcing of logistics and production processes.

Through the Fair Logistics Foundation, collaborates for a trade just so the business profit is distributed in a more equitable way between the third and first world and humanitarian aid.

With the Foundation EMI - Manresa staff is entirely formed who occupies or may occupy jobs of specific responsibility in companies, both workers active as unemployed persons.

And through Fundació Banc dels Aliments, offering free space for the collecting and distribution of food to the most needy in our city during the famous campaing "Gran Recapte d'Aliments" at Christmas and throughout the year with the solidary help that the foundation receives the European Community.