ZAL gave up space to the Fundació Banc dels Aliments - ZAL Port of Barcelona


La ZAL cede espacio a la Fundació Banc dels Aliments para gestionar los productos recogidos en las diferentes campañas de recapto.ZAL has given free of charge to the Fundació Banc dels Aliments of Barcelona a warehouse of 8,000 sqm located in its second phase of development at ZAL Prat.

The President of the Fundació Banc dels Aliments, Antoni Sansalvadó and CEO of ZAL, Alfonso Martinez have renewed the agreement of transfer in the form of temporary storage "Ready to Use", since in December 2012, in the last campaign of the great recapto of Christmas, with its spirit of solidarity ZAL provided support to the organization.

The store is located at ZAL Prat, and very accessible to companies that want to collaborate with the Foundation, allowing a great agility to the entrance of trucks from the help of the European Community with the same feeling.

CILSA wanted to renew this collaboration to support the aid against hunger in our city with the aim that this space decongest the Foundation facilities that are fully saturated from the last campaign.

In fact from the date of the first agreement the loan module was used to continue with the tasks of classification of about 250,000 kilos of products stored in containers coming from different points of collection and the European Union.

This operation is integrated into lstrategy of ZAL, people, the link with the territory and social commitment-oriented. A management model which prioritizes services and concern for the environment.

CILSA works in different social projects as for instance created the Foundation Cares for supporting the labour insertion of people with disabilities and difficulties through the outsourcing of logistics and production processes.

Through the Foundation Logistics fair collaborates for a trade just to make the business profit is distributed in a more equitable way between the third and first world.

With the Foundation EMI - Manresa is formed entirely staff who occupies or occupied jobs of specific responsibility in companies, both workers active as unemployed persons.

The ZAL prioritizes services that favor conciliation work, personal and family. And its more than 100 installed companies endorse this commitment. A space where more than 6,000 direct workers share their day to day, and offer services such as day care has been one 23% less absenteeism. A success for businesses and for families.

Renewable energy and the principle of precaution have been great ZALsustainability argument. Always from an ethical and socially responsible management system.

With this social commitment, ZAL shows an attitude that makes the difference.