ZAL OF THE PORT OF BARCELONA, 4G SURFZAL of the Port de Barcelona apply technology improvement in communication allowing navigation in 4G more than 100 customers.

From the planning phase of this logistics development, ZAL has been leading technologies and February 19, 2014, ORANGE will present in the Auditorium of the Service Center of ZAL, the new services available to its customers and its surroundings.

For some months the ZAL of the Port of Barcelona you can browse over 4 G through ORANGE. With the 4G - fourth generation of mobile telephony technology - equipped ZAL of the of traditional fixed networks of data connection speeds of connection.

In this presentation of the service, ORANGE will make public the availability of the service and what is leading the ZAL del port de Barcelona with respect to other logistics parks and business with all these improvements of the 4 G Orangenetwork.

Thanks to 4 G, 4 G customers technology - both companies and individuals benefit from two major advantages, which are speed and quality of their communications. The first is the most obvious, since it is a network that can reach speeds of up to 150Mbps - for 4 G business customers, this can have a significant impact on productivity, for example, for sending and receiving files "heavy" from your mobile device (such as images, videos Full HD, or processed more quickly through fleet management and localization tools, security systems, telemetry, mobility, mobile email, etc.  (-designed and developed for the logistics sector and import-export - applications.) which leads to more competitiveness to the territory of the ZAL.

The second advantage is the quality that this network provides 4G, which allows the use of services in real time without cuts. Thus, for example, video calls or video conferencing can be on a mobile device without cuts. And would have to add all the applications that are beginning to be possible thanks to 4 G technology, such as for example, the entire cloud environment (or "in the cloud"), which for enterprises opens a world of possibilities. And it is that both elements together (4 G and cloud) will make it possible that any worker can access the information you need to pursue your activity from anywhere and device, which can provide significant advantages in aspects such as the remote of a transport fleet management.

This joins the own Campus ZAL telecommunications network, and allows customer of ZAL of the Port of Barcelona's business, have at its disposal services pioneers on their corporate networks.

Since the 2009 Orange is the global provider of telecommunications to ZAL. This agreement, which has been specifying throughout this period in new contracts of collaboration and recently renewed, has helped more than 100 companies that operate in the ZAL, greatly reducing its costs to carry out many of their routine tasks remotely and increase their profits being able to implement solutions of fixed and mobile convergence of Orange.