ZAL of the Port of Barcelona is certified in the ISO 50001



 Caption from left to right: Javier Díaz, responsible for exploitation and infrastructure ZAL Port, Ciro Gascon, director regional Catalonia ECA Bureau Veritas, Marcos Vallés, technical director and exploitation ZAL Port and Anabel Criado Technical Department and ZAL Port exploitation.

CILSA, company that manages the ZAL Port – received on December 20, 2017 the ISO 50001 certificate that has been audited and certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, thanks to compliance with the highest standards in the management of the Activities Logistics Area of the Port of Barcelona, to officiate the use and consumption of energy aimed at energy efficiency.

The axis of the project to get the certification is based on compliance with the environmental and energy policy of the ZAL Port, designed to pick up the commitments and objectives of the company, which it voluntarily exercised from the beginning of this logistic development, until they got ISO 14001 certifications in 2015 and 2016 certification EMAS III, promoting best practices, ethical management, and keeping as a reference thanks to be pioneers in this respect.

With this new environmental certification, CILSA closes the circle of a process that has been relevant to its environmental management system in the areas of its competence, and to demonstrate its commitment to the environment. This certificate certifies that the ZAL Port, complies with requirements established by Standard ISO 50001: 2011 which is based on the requirements that this energy management system must comply with in order to carry out continuous and systematic improvements of energy efficiency, that contributes to a more efficient and more sustainable use of energy, giving it confidence in the management system.

The latest measures that fall under its environmental policy which consisted of the replacement of the public lighting of the park by LED lighting. This allowed substantial energy savings in addition to greatly reduces the CO₂ emissions. In the Service Center building, the lighting and air conditioning installations were replaced by LED lighting and the latest generation climate; solar film was installed on the glazing of the building that filters light and intensity of heat and other corrective measures that achieved a great energy saving.

Alfonso Martínez, CEO of CILSA, pointed out: "Management systems offer a continuous improvement capability and the ISO 50001 is the global standard for energy management, minimizing costs and emissions. Energy has become a key indicator for companies and organizations. Saving energy means saving operating costs. Reducing energy consumption implies and demonstrates greater attention for the preservation of natural resources. These actions are for the ZAL Port a priority since CILSA seeks to fulfill and contribute to a truly sustainable development that also results in benefits for our customers."

The implementation of the system has been developed by CILSA's own staff, including training and awareness-raising of workers, fostered the culture of respect and commitment to the environment, which is the basis of the success of this project.