ZAL Port (CILSA) opens 4.0 offices


ZAL Port (CILSA) opens 4.0 offices

The new offices of CILSA (ZAL Port) respond to the challenge of offering to its workers a comfortable, technological and dynamic space. An innovative space with the highest sustainability ratings. A new concept where design has a significant impact on health, well-being and productivity.

The result are modern and functional offices, a reflection of the current corporate culture, and at the same time, a new way of commercializing logistics spaces in the ZAL Port. Collaborative spaces for employees and the logistics community.

The space distribution. CILSA searched for a space without barriers, where communication was fluid and access to the information was flexible. The reason of open spaces in CILSA offices is that it has been shown to be a better formula for improving teamwork and professional relationships. 

Individual and private spaces that coexist in the open space. In the current space the offices have blurred in favor of open and collaborative environments. The open space coexist with multi-purpose spaces such as plug and work, small-sized spaces distributed and appropriate for a quick realization of a job, or such as silent rooms, suitable for concentration or for confidential calls… And a wide range of possibilities for different needs: from informal meetings, to rest areas, networking or showroom.

Health and welfare. Nature is integrated into the office through warm and welcoming atmospheres, with natural lighting, minimal noise pollution, natural wood and recycled materials.

The large windows of the new offices allow to enjoy natural light and a connection with the outside. This lighting is combined with light tones and with furniture that is the protagonist of the entire design. Although the aesthetic part is important, the main objective is the functionality of the workplace. For example, the desk chairs are ergonomic. In order to promote healthy habits, fruit, fruit for juices and nuts are offered to the workers. In addition, collaborators have continuously water sources.

The report Health, wellbeing and productivity in offices: The next chapter for green building points out that air quality and lighting, views and interior distribution can influence the health, satisfaction, behavior or work performance of employees.

Sustainability. Energy efficiency has been taken into account and the materials are environmentally friendly. Among some of the measures to be aligned with this approach, the plastic has been completely eliminated and a green recycling point has been installed. We highlight the recycling of coffee capsules through a specific manager. In addition, CILSA offices are paperless, and the new file types already replace the traditional ones.

According to the Wall Street Journal, open offices can save up to 50% in costs per employee more than traditional offices and also reduce the carbon footprint.

Innovative spaces. Offices, training rooms, the hall and the shops offer a completely new distribution, design and features. Conceived as social offices, with an undeniable prominence of shared spaces, both formal and informal. A great opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge in a relaxed environment for customers of the logistics community and employees.

It is noteworthy a three-dimensional model of the Port of Barcelona and Barcelona, with a video maping where to display in an immersive way the warehouses of the logistics park, as well as more corporate audiovisual information or presentations. From the model you can show the client all the warehouses’ information: connect with BIM, plans, photos, construction videos, technical details and 360º videos being able to move inside. In addition, it allows customers to show their activities from it. In conclusion, a showroom concept oriented to the commercialization of the different warehouses. We also highlight the new training rooms, fully equipped with luxury furniture and its own terraces. Adaptable spaces where to celebrate from an administrative council, to a participatory workshop or to a more conventional training.

A cosmopolitan space that integrates technological innovations and employees welfare. A trend to which CILSA has advanced, but that will burst into the offices conception in the coming years. An inspiring space with soul.

ZAL Port (CILSA) opens 4.0 offices