Agility - ZAL Port of Barcelona


Press release: July 21, 2014:

The company has signed the lease of an area of 732 m² of office and warehouse of 6.413 m² with CILSA in the first phase of ZAL, in the municipality of Barcelona.

The signing of this agreement allows the company to move forward in its strategy of optimizing resources and processes for greater competitiveness, and to continue offering the highest quality of service to its customers.

Agilty Spain has more than 25,000 m² of storage for the provision of logistics and distribution services, with flexible and designs adapted to the particular needs of each business for maximum operational efficiency in the management of costs.

Agility has a great experience in customs service, with centralized national clearance, and bonded warehouses (A.D.T., D.A., D.D.A, L.A.M.E.) in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, while also enabled in Barcelona and Madrid as authorized receivers of alcohol under suspension of excise duty of II.EE.

In addition to traditional transport services by road, sea and air, Agility Spain has specialized departments in project management, fairs & exhibitions, as well as solutions for key sectors of the economy such as the pharmaceutical, automotive, fashion and food.

By adding this agreement with Agility, CILSA expects to end the year with an occupation in logistics infrastructure of 90%.