Atlàntida: advantageous medical insurance company for ZAL workers


Seguro médico Atlántida

The medical insurance company ATLÀNTIDA, established in Barcelona since 1927 and APB’s sanitary services’ supplier for more than 20 years, is offering the possibility of contract a health policy of very attractive conditions.

The most relevant for those who are in the ZAL Port of Barcelona is the pssibility of being assisted at the medical center that APB has in the Moll de la Fusta., which means rapidity, comfort and reliability. On the other hand, ATLÀNTIDA offers every benefits of a any private medical company but guarantees a professional and friendly service. This is what makes the difference and the reason we have choosen them at the APB.

For further information you can check their website

Contact: Lluïsa Vizcarro, tel. 93 237 70 70, General Manager of the Grup Atlántida.