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Fundación CARES is a nonprofit performing logistics and production services. It generates and maintains jobs for people with difficulties in finding work, mainly mental disabilities. Through this initiative this people can integrate actively participate in the development of the business.

Get operational excellence and continuous improvement is part of the essential commitment to its customers and the inclusion of more than 500 people to the labor market proves it. Specializing in logistics and industrial services outsourcing. Fundación CARES is dedicated to:

‐ Product manufacturing, packing and assembly.
‐ Management of logistics centers: in -house and off- house dedicated and for several customers.
‐ Management of Reverse Logistics .
‐ Comprehensive management of the supply chain

CILSA is one of the participant companies in the creation of this innovative project.

More information: Pep Barranco (Operations Manager)

Phone: + 34 93 262 42 70 | E-mail: | Website: