CILSA, company that manages the ZAL Port of the Port of Barcelona continues to work with the objective to strengthen their commitment to the environment getting, the European EMAS certification.

The EMAS registration is a voluntary tool designed by the European Commission for the registration and public recognition of those companies and organizations that have an excellent behavior in environmental matters.

CILSA, with the aim of promoting continuous improvement and offer the best quality to its customers, does a step further in its environmental performance and once implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system, adhere voluntarily to the European system of management and environmental audit, achieving the European EMAS certification in the maintenance and upkeep of common areas.

CILSA realizes periodically the operation of the system through an environmental declaration verified by independent organizations, verified document that collects all information related to the environmental performance of the organization and its commitment for continuous improvement.


Statement environmental EMAS III 2018 downloadable in pdf

Statement environmental EMAS III 2017 downloadable in pdf

Statement environmental EMAS III 2016 downloadable in pdf

Statement environmental EMAS III 2015 downloadable in pdf

EMAS register certification (2019) in pdf