Risk prevention and protection plans

Risk prevention and protection plans are achieved with a level higher than the minimum requirements demand. In the 20 years of activity, ZAL Port has not counted any serious work accident and thanks to good practice has minimized the number of these incidents. Emphasize the comprehensive management of occupational safety in the platform self-protection plans, SDS and emergency protocol messages via sms.

The main criteria for prevention:
- Safety of warehouses.
- Structural values, according to the CTE (building code).
- Emergency Plan included in the Port of Barcelona.
- Annual audits of the security of the warehouses.
- Advanced systems in the prevention and fire resistance.
- Construction of warehouses based on bioclimatic principies.
- Optimization of energy consumption and thermal insulation.
- Specific procedures: confined spaces and working at heights.


ZAL Port has participated with employers and governments in:
- The realization of a European study of occupational hazards in logistics areas.
- The develop of a prevention plan that ensures control of the activity of the subcontractors in maintaining of ZAL Port (in collaboration with Universidad Politéctica de Cataluña - UPC).
- Cooperation with Cuerpo de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Catalunya.


Prevention, the best investment.

Prevention of risks ZAL

Prevention of risks ZAL