Warehouses rental

Warehouses rental


 ZAL Port provides ground logistics warehouses to rent in an intermodal environment:
- Quality, innovative and sustainable design an finishes.
- Maritime connection (Location in the Port of Barcelona).
- Railway connection (Three freight terminals within 7 Km).
- Direct interconnection with the motorway network.

Offer logistics infrastructure:
1. Land concession: long term rentals.
2. Modular Storage multiclient:
- Short term rentals.
- Minimum area of 1200 sqm.
- 11 m of headroom inside.
- Installing shelves.
3. Turnkey projects: medium-term rental for waherhouse.

Thanks to the strategic position in the Port of Barcelona and its intermodality, ZAL Port is privileged distribution center to supply the markets of the Iberian Peninsula, southern Europe and the Mediterranean area.

Location, connections and flexibility to grow your business.

Phone:  +34 93 552 58 46


ZAL Warehouses Rental